Next meeting is Monday July 8, 2019. Doors open 6:30 pm.

how we grow our orchids


How We Grow Our Orchids

 It is easy to find information on how to grow orchids but it is much harder to see how others are actually growing them.  Our July 8 meeting will feature Dave Miller with a slideshow entitled "How We Grow Our Orchids".   We have found many members like to see how other members grow their orchids both in greenhouses and windowsills and under lights.  There will be plant sales.  Don't miss it. 

Coming In August

Our August 12 meeting will feature "Orchid Jeopardy".  We will have fun and our experienced members are always available to answer questions you may have.  Don't miss it.

At Left

Zygopetalum Blue Blazes is a very showy orchid.  They like lots of water and bright light but will grow well at home.  Put me outside for the summer to get lots of fresh air and new growth but no sun please.  Many Zygopetalums are quite fragrant.